Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So proud of my "sweet girl"!

A little background. Acilia has a piggy bank in her room. She is very very VERY good at saving every penny she gets because she wants to buy a horse someday ;) We were having some issues with the way she was handling respect toward us a while back, so we got her what we can a "sweet girl" bank. (We actually found a bank that has "Sweet girl" inscribed on it!!) When she had a good day, and she was "sweet" she would get a dollar at the end of the day. This gave her a way to save money to buy something for herself, but not take money out of her savings for a horse. It works rather well, she has been able to buy a few things for herself, with her own money and she really enjoys seeing what money can buy.
There have been times where we are particularly proud of her, and at our discretion, we will give her a $5 dollar bill. This happens very seldom, and when it does, she is pretty excited about it.
On to tonight and the heartmelting dialogue!

Acilia had a sliver in her finger. You know any child and the "thought" that something may hurt, and you have something that could take about 30 seconds, lasting about an hour! Tonight was different for some reason. When I told Acilia I would not hurt her when I was getting it out, she actually believed me and sat there like an angel fighting to be brave! I was truly proud of her, and when I got the sliver out, we looked at it, and she told it, it was a "bad sliver" and we both giggled. Then I let her in on the fact that I am so proud of her, that I am going to give her $5! Ready for the sweet part? She said "Oh! I will put $2 in my sweet girl bank, $2 in my piggy bank, and give $1 to Miles!" My heart truly melted into a puddle! She is a special child!


  1. so sweet! but I think it should be called "pony bank" and not piggy ;)

  2. Ha ha!!!! Good point! Well, if you ever see a "pony bank" please let me know!


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