Tuesday, May 5, 2009

God has filled my plate!!

I feel blessed to finally be in a position where my creativity may get some "real" use! I have spent years writing poems, drawing floor plans for homes, decorating, doing hair and make up, planning weddings.....all things that you could potentially make money doing, but I never felt I had the resources to turn any of those things into a "business" even though I tried with a few of them!
Last night, I went to a mandatory meeting at Acilia's school. The school is one of the few Lutheran schools in the area and they are in financial trouble! :( Due to this dilemna, understandably tuition rates have gone up. What hurts more though is to see families turning away from St. John because what was hard to afford before, just became much harder. On top of that, two teachers in a school that feels like family have been "let go" and it just hurts to watch.
I am an idea girl. I brainstorm actions all the time, I create lists and pictures and talk talk talk until I am heard. You better believe this situation is no different! God called me to St. John and it was abundantly clear to me that not only does he want my daughter to be a part of a Lutheran family education, but he also wants me to help the school! So, I have started "Team Boost" in an effort to save the St. John family from further detioration!! It feels so good to have these answers brought to me through the good Lord!! Prayers get answered people! Keep on praying!
In the meantime, if you are feeling as though you can help financially, you may visit my paypal page to donate to St. John. 100% of the proceeds will go to a school that needs support to thrive!


  1. Hi, I was reading through the prayer requests on Mckmamas page and saw yours. I would like to follow your blog and continue to pray for your family and your husband! God bless!

  2. Thank you!!! Your family is gorgeous and we appreciate the prayers! I am going to follow you too ;)

  3. Hi! I saw your post on MckMama's blog and felt the need to comment. My dad had a kidney transplant this past fall. He was older (61) and had other issues that arose later, but I understand the anxiety of waiting. Being under 21, I wasn't allowed to donate but my mother went on a couples list where she would donate to someone who knew someone who was able to donate to my dad. Have you looked into that? Please know that I will be praying for your husband and the entire family during this time. I pray you find a donor soon! :)

  4. Karrie,
    What a great idea!! You're so creative and giving. How do you find the time for all that you do? You're a super woman! And a super mom, wife, and friend too! :-)

  5. LOL (Mike is my hubby).... I accidentally posted under his acct.
    Love ya,

  6. Ha ha!!!! Thanks for clarifying Hilary!


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