Sunday, May 17, 2009

He's ready

His body is fighting
His mind is set
He's ready to go, he's ready for his wings
He's begging "Dear God" take me to my mom
I want to walk with her, laugh with her, hold her
He's ready, he's waiting, he wants to go
"Please Dear God won't you take him"
We have been blessed to have such a man
In our lives to show us how life has it's plan
We soak him up with all we can
He's made the perfect role model
His spirit will live on
He knows it, we know it, please won't you pray
"Lord, he gives his life to you, he repents his sins, he's ready for you,
take him Lord, give him his wings, he's ready, he's willing, he's waiting"
I see it in his eyes, he's at peace with this change
he is not scared, he is not fighting, he's ready
It's beautiful to see a man start so strong, his body is fading but his spirit is still so full of what he has to offer.
I pray with him, I am thankful for him, I am so grateful I have this last bit of time with him
I watch the love that is ever present between he and she, it's amazing, a true sight to see!
It's time for him to go, we ask of you so
Please take him, he's ready, oh please can't he go?

This poem is for my grandfather. A little blurp about him in my blog just would not do this man justice, he is a man that has touched every single person he has ever been in contact with. He is loyal, respected, he loves my grandma with all of him and she loves him the same. The life he has made with grandma is one that can teach all those around them, it's so apparent to me the strength in faith and wisdom they have. Grandpa is a soft spoken man with a lot to say. If you listen to him, you truly would learn more than you could ever in a day!
He has mesothelioma, otherwise known as lung cancer, he is fading fast. Each time I visit, it's clear that he is walking closer to his life in Heaven, I can't help but want to soak him up a little bit more! He is 90 years old, a full life he has lived, he's ready to go, and I just try to comfort him and reassure him that God will take him when he's ready for him.
Today was a visit I will cherish forever. I went into his room, I was holding his hand, he put his hands together, he wanted me to pray with him. (I prayed with him last time I was there, melts my heart that he remembered and wanted me to do it again!) I prayed with him, and then I went to get my bulletin from the church service today. I told him I would read him the prayer of the day, the Old Testament reading, and Holy Gospel. I got through the Old Testament reading and then he was motioning for me to get his "white bible" from the book shelf next to me. He had a prayer marked in the book that he wanted me to read. It was a prayer that made clear to me that he is ready to go. It was a prayer that said he gives himself fully to God. He truly does. It is abundatly clear. I finished the prayer with Amen, and he was able to get his words out that "He is ready". I told him it's ok, and that he can just keep resting. He wants so badly to go in his sleep. I pray so hard that's the way he will go. He's willing, he's waiting. I am willing and waiting to do whatever he needs while I am with him. In the mean time, I tell him I love him, and tell him to sleep. Sleep grandpa sleep...

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me; Psalm 23:4

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