Sunday, March 15, 2009


When I was a child, I distinctly remember my mom coming in to my room on Sunday mornings to wake me from my slumber so we could go to church. As I got older, and more rebellious, I would *pretend* to be sleeping, so she would give up on waking me and I wouldn't have to go to church. She was hip to my tricks though, and it never worked anyway!

It didn't click for me until just recently, how comforting Sunday's at church really are. I have grown to appreciate my weekly dose of church and even look forward to it! I proudly bring my kids with me, and sit with my mom. We say friendly hellos to fellow members whom have been attending since I was a child. It feels great! It feels like home!

My pastor, I have grown to admire! I didn't always appreciate his character. When I was a confirmand in 7th grade, our "shake of the hand" after church led to him once telling me "It would be nice if you would sing while in church" (*gasp!* The nerve!) He noticed out of the entire congregation that *I* among all worshippers thought I was "too good" to sing the hymns! He noticed. He cared. I didn't realize this until I got older and I shared with my Pastor the religious milestones that are so special. He married Albert and me. He baptized Acilia and Miles. He counseled me at times when I was searching for my path. He's an amazing pastor and I am so thankful to have found my place in this amazing church. They welcome me with open arms always and adore my kids too! Even when they are disruptive in church. :)

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