Friday, March 13, 2009

I've got a case of the "I want it now's"

I am comforted by the fact that I am able to find pleasure in my daily routines, and surely enough find pleasure through my family to keep cheerful, but goodness gracious am I excited for the future!!

If I could just snap my fingers and have the things I am waiting for, here is a quick list of what it would be:
1) Be a nurse at I drive past that place daily when I take Acilia to school and I just dream of the day I am turning to pull in to the parking lot to start my shift in Labor and Delivery!!

2)I want a new car! Sure the one I have is great, but the miles are accumulating and well, "she's not a spring chicken" anymore!

3) I want so badly to move to our "permanent" home! We purchased our house and have lived there a few years, but it was purchased with the intention of starting our family life. We were naive young home buyers and there are things I want in my home that just don't get delivered. I love my little home. It has served us well and has more character than any place I have ever lived, but it's not as suitable for my growing family as it once was.

4) I want to live close to my parents. Close enough to walk to their house! Acilia is so close to her cousins which are at my parent's house everyday because my mom cares for them, and it would just be oh so convenient if we were able to walk there instead of pile in to the car and drive for 10 minutes!

5) I want Al to have his new kidney! (I will post a separate entry for this story) We found a donor (PRAISE THE LORD!) and I truly feel as though we are sitting and twiddling our thumbs at this point during the process!

Wow! Now that I got that all out, and am able to look at it, I am even more excited!! I have faith that the Good Lord will bring to us the things we are destined to have when we are destined to have them! But, I am still learning patience, not impulse!! :)

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