Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mind blip

Many 'o times I have been in the midst of my day and something will pop in to my mind that is worthy of noting...a lot of times it's been a quote, or a line in a poem that I would then need to sit down and form the entire poem around it, sometimes it's something like a "catch phrase" just a bunch of random nothingness ;)
Now that I have a blog, I have a place to "note" my "noteworthy's" here it is:
It doesn't have to be my way, but my way is best. ;)
This came to me when I was in the dishwasher putting breakfast dishes in, I noticed a dish in there that had not been rinsed, I always rinse mine!! (typical woman syndrome) which made me realize that my ever trying hubby had taken the extra second it takes to take the dish he used and instead of putting it next to the sink, he actually put it IN the dishwasher!! YAY points for hubby!! However, clearly he forgot to rinse it! Shame!! Hee hee! I love him and his trying ways!

I will leave you with another "noteworthy" which is my favorite:
Life is a road full of hills, enjoy the view from the top of each hill and take the ditches as learning experiences.

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