Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fun little facts about me

1. I LOVE word searches. So much so that my daughter gets them in school (not as assignments, but just for fun) and then brings them home for me to do them :)

2. I am a lefty. However, I do not write "inverted or hooked".

3. I enjoy helping others. In any way I can. The more unusual the better! (Kidney donation, egg donation, you get the idea) ;)
4. I get anxious when things are out of order in my home (been having some anxiety over the washer/dryer being out of it's cubby, because the dryer is broken!)
Our bathroom has looked this way for over a week! 
5. We have a space heater in my son's room, because his room is not insulated, I go to bed every night praying that it doesn't start a fire.
6. I love ice! I chew on it too!
7. I get a great sense of satisfaction when I purge the house of things we don't need! Often times though, I purge more than I should have and my husband always catches me because he needs something I have tossed!
8. I am gung-ho about starting projects, but struggle to complete them! 
Finish painting? I need too, the wall has looked like this for about two months! EEK!
9. I spend a lot of my time dreaming about the future!
10. I love babies! And, I have quite a few tricks that have led some to call me the "Baby Whisperer"
11. I love Christmas shopping! (Probably because it's a good excuse to give in to my little touch of shopaholic ways!)
12. I am a full on 100% no matter what animal rights advocate! It sickens me to hear of people abusing/mistreating animals!
13. I don't tolerate violent or scary movies/TV at all. It haunts me and makes my spirit ache. I think it drives my husband nuts because he is all about the Sons of Anarchy and gory violent movies etc! 
14. I'm a list maker! My thoughts are usually all jumbled up until I get it down in an organized list.
15. I pray while I am in the shower :) 
16. I drive nice cars because my husband likes Cadillac. I am much more of a "practical" vehicle type of girl.
17. On that note, when I found out my car had a heated steering wheel, I thought it was absolutely absurd, but now must admit with these cold winter mornings, it's a really nice perk!
18. I am a gun owner. I grew up target shooting but couldn't ever bring myself to hunt.
19. I love long walks. I could walk for hours without stopping. It's like a meditation for me!
20. As much as I love our rescue pup Franko, his shedding drives me absolutely batty!!
Love you anyway Franko!
21. My dog Remo is 12, my heart already aches at the thought of him not being with us anymore. He is my first baby and I treat him that way every chance I get! :)

22. My husband complains that I don't give him enough attention. He's right, it's easy for me to dote on my kids and my pets, it's hard to dote on my husband though, this is something that frustrates me! Especially since I know he is "needy" that way. 
23. I eat chocolate, a lot of it, I like Hershey's Kisses that have been in the fridge! Mmmmm! I am eating them as I type this ;)
24. My favorite word is "Serenity"
25. My favorite mantra is "It is, what it is." I seek to live with this belief with anything and everything!


  1. Uggg. I wish I had been sticking to your 13... I've been watching American Horror Story by myself... terrifying!

  2. #5. As far as the space heater...ditch that thing NOW! There are heaters that blow warm air and have no coil. They will not overheat or start a fire. And they will really warm up the room very well. Don't take chances! They're cheap, you can find them in any Sears or WalMart.

    #7. I'm the same way! I have maybe 2 boxes in our attic. I don't save anything and I love to purge! I'm the opposite of a hoarder, which can be just as bad. Sometimes you end up throwing out things that you shouldn't.

    1. #5! Now you have me freaked out even more!! I think I will send my hubby to Sears, he's out right now, maybe he will take a peak!

      #7, glad I'm not the only one!! Ha!

      Thanks for visiting :)


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