Saturday, December 15, 2012

Breaking the "rules"

Christmas among many other traditional types of holidays and events comes with many rules. Each individual family forms the rules to make it special for them. It's fun to see all of the out of the box types in these situations.

When I was growing up, Santa did something a little unusual in our home each year. The night we put up our Christmas tree was the night he filled our stockings. It was his way of telling us that he knew we were ready for Christmas. I loved this as a child and when I had my own kids, I wanted to carry that tradition on.
I did it for the first few years until my husband shared he was opposed to this and for whatever reason it really bothered him that we did it this way. Needless to say, once he expressed his feelings about the whole thing, I couldn't in good spirits carry on that tradition. For the past many years, I've diligently filled the stockings on Christmas Eve, to be opened on Christmas day with all of the other gifts.

I find this to be anti climactic so to speak, I mean, the stockings surely get overlooked when there are gifts under the tree that need opening! That's just my opinion! I know there are many who use the stockings to stock up on the "practical" things like underwear, toothbrushes, etc. I tend to put practical things in my stockings too, but mostly the stockings are just a place to put all of the little odds and ends that I think my kids would enjoy, but they are too small to wrap.

Well, this year, I got the urge to fill the kids stockings this weekend. Last night that urge was put into play. I was giddy as I filled the stockings, knowing full well this would be a fun surprise for the kids to wake up to in the morning. We woke up to a gloomy morning and the kids worked their way downstairs. I followed them, and turned the light on in the family room. I was curious to know how long it would take them to notice :) It didn't take long and the excitement was apparent!

We've had a laid back morning so far as the kids enjoy their goodies. Miles was loving his little teeny remote controlled car, I must say, it's pretty cool! It came in a "can" and with lot's of spunk!
Acilia has been listening to her new Taylor Swift CD and I am thrilled that "Santa" snuck in last night to surprise the kids with their stockings overflowing. On the Santa note, Acilia is experiencing her first year "in the know" and she has been thoroughly enjoying being in on the "secret" while still keeping up the fun for her little brother and other children. It's been fun to watch her as she smirks to herself at the mention of the Jolly old man! Miles this morning did ask if I was the one who filled the stockings this morning. I said yes I did, because I wanted to give Santa a break. Moms are allowed to do that you know! :)

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