Sunday, November 25, 2012

One week ago

One week ago today, I was given $1 in church. Yesterday the amount of donations reached $250!
$250 = 2000 meals for Americans in need. Absolutely amazing! I didn't have a limit in my mind as to how much I wanted to raise, but looking at all of the kindness I have seen this past week, the rush to donate via Paypal or sending it directly to my mailbox to be tallied in the grand total donation, I have high hopes that no matter how much more is raised, my $1 from church last week has grown considerably and with the help of all the kind donors, will make a great impact!

The time has not run out yet, so get involved! I am not making the donation until January 1st. I am asking for just $1, the goal is to see how $1 can grow into a lot more dollars and in turn help more and more people. The donation will be made to Feeding America. A solid charity that helps our fellow Americans have enough food to eat.

Feel free to visit the event I created on Facebook, Feeding America Facebook Event. All of the directions are there. You are invited to join the event and watch as the numbers (hopefully!) continue to grow. It's a fun experience and one that you will want to be a part of. It's a feel good experience and for once it doesn't take anything more than $1. It's not about how much you give, it's about the act of giving. You can make a big difference with just $1!!

I have a wonderful story to share, last night in the mail I received $3. With the donation was a little note, "Hi Karrie! I love what you are doing! I told my children what I was putting money in the mail for & they wanted to donate as well! I hope you have raised a bunch of money!" 
Nothing warms my heart more than children that see compassion for the needy and have the desire to do something. We are arming our future generation with the spirit of giving!! How wonderful is that?

If you do not have a PayPal account, do not be discouraged, you can message me or even just comment on this post, and I will email my address to you.

*All images in this post were from Google search "Feeding America"*

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