Friday, November 16, 2012

Clean teeth!

My kids had a dentist appointment today. 

Acilia has gone many times, but Miles, this was his very first time. He was anticipating it and mostly excited. My kids don't fear the dentist at all, because they haven't had any pain to associate with it yet. So, for them, it's a fun thing to do. Miles has gone with us a few times for Acilia's visits and last time we went, I informed him, he's going to be a big boy and gets to go too! He was so cute, we walked in and he was showing everyone his teeth.

He sat in the chair and anticipated what was next.

He looked so sweet, and enjoyed the ride his chair provided as the dental assistant positioned him for his cleaning. She was gentle and kind and patient and I remember her from Acilia's first visit too. A true blessing when there is someone that can take your child and keep them at ease as they experience something new. 
Miles giggled through the whole cleaning. It was so cute. His little feet were moving around a bit too, but overall, he sat nice and still. It was precious and I am glad he enjoyed his first Dental Exam!
Painting his teeth purple to see how well he brushes

Looking at his purple teeth
When she told Miles that she would be cleaning his teeth with strawberry flavored paste, he was thrilled! That's the same flavor he uses at home :) :) :)
He held that little mirror the whole time, as he giggled, he would close his eyes and then open his eyes to look in the mirror.

We were sent on our way with a clean teeth bill of health, some stickers and a new toothbrush!

Acilia's pearly whites!

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