Sunday, November 18, 2012


I was given $1 in church today. They handed $1 to each person who attended this weekend. We were encouraged to do something good with that $1. Clearly, it's a fun challenge and I wanted to excel. I wanted to make my $1 grow into a hearty donation because to be honest, $1 on it's own doesn't amount to much. I started looking up ideas on how to spend $1. I found a fun little list that was titled 101 ways to spend $1. There were some funny ones on there, clearly not all of them were charitable ideas. Then I came across one that stated I could feed a whole family in India for $1!
I did a quick search for donating $1 to feed families in need and came across Feeding America! Right on their home page it states "$1=8 meals!" Well, that's pretty cool! I didn't feel right about only donating $1 though, afterall, I thought if *I* could donate $1, who else could? The idea for a donating event was born!
I popped onto Facebook, and created an event!

I would love for you to join me by donating $1 or at the least, follow along and see how much I am able to donate on January 1st which is the date I decided to "send the donation" to Feeding America!

Go to the link below to see the progress!
Feeding America Charity Event

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