Sunday, July 10, 2011

A first for Miles

Last night Al got the idea for us to go see a movie as a family. Acilia has gone numerous times, but little busy body Miles had never been to a good 'ole movie theater. Until last night. We looked for a movie that would hold his attention and since it was 6:30 pm we had to search for a theater that had it playing between 7:30 and  8 PM to give us time to get there, but to also keep us from being out too late. Tough task but we settled on "Cars 2" at 7:55 at a theater about 25 minutes away. We informed the kids it was a movie night and we headed out. I love spontaneity! I warned Al that he shouldn't be surprised if it was a big waste of money, because if Miles wouldn't sit still and watch; we would be leaving. (Similar experience when I took Acilia to see "Over the Hedge" when she was about 3! Once her popcorn was gone, so was her interest in the movie! HA!) I believe it was in our favor that Miles had missed his nap. He sat through the movie very well; his attention was held and he was nice and quiet the whole time! I was very impressed and enjoyed looking over at my little guy as he enjoyed his first "Big Screen Flick" I also really enjoyed looked to my right and seeing my whole family with me in the theater. We usually split up; Al and I will go see a movie on date night, or I will take Acilia to see something that comes out. But never have the 4 of us gone to the movies all together. Made me feel like a "family" :) As if we didn't already feel like one!

The green truck was named "Miles Axelrod" our little Miles was so impressed that his name was in the movie!!!!

Overall an A+ for the evening! EXCEPT when we were on our way home driving through a residential neighborhood;  our car got egged! Ugh! Who still does that anyway?!?!?! Add salt to the wound; we weren't in our car. We are doing an extended test drive on a brand new Dodge Journey. Irony!!!!!!! We pulled over and called the police. Al walked over to where it happened, he didn't see anyone out there, but there were some shutters moving in the house that made him suspicious that it was kids who ran after they did it. There is some minor damage to the paint; there were two eggs, you can see where they hit, sort of formed a "bulls eye" effect in the paint. 

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  1. Maybe you were driving through my neighborhood because our house was egged last week! Ugh!


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