Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dude Ranch Pictures

It's time to share! Oh yes it is! Saddle up; there are a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Day 1! 
I adore all animals; I believe I was singing this goat a lullaby! Ha! Just kidding on the lullaby thing :)
Our first trail ride. Acilia rode "Blaster" he turned out to be her favorite horse!
The trails were gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!
One of my favorite momma daughter pics :)
All the journaling that we did; I used my self timer to take a pic :)
This one cracks me up!
Sooooo happy in my new boots!!! 
We visited the sled dogs everyday!
The rodeo

Line Dancing
All packed up and ready to check out
Acilia was saying good bye to all the horses before we left. She would have stayed longer if she could. She L O V E D it at the ranch!


  1. What an absolute blast! I'm loving all the pictures!

  2. So glad you posted these pics. How fun!

  3. FUN adventure! y'all are so cute!


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