Tuesday, November 23, 2010


A few months ago I was fully prepared to be moving into the single mom territory. My marriage had gotten that bad and I was mentally focused on tackling the job of raising my two adorable and awesome children on my own. I sit here today and feel thankfully blessed that I am not actually a single mom, but one that has bonded with my husband in a whole new way. And moreso that my husband has bonded with my children in a whole new way. Today has been rough. The last few weeks have been rough. I am literally crawling out of my own skin most of the time lately and I am driving myself nuts. The absolute worst thing for me right now is to be sitting at home all day. Today, has been one of those days. My daughter has a spotty sore throat and it's against her best interst to get out and about. So we were here. All, day. I lied, I got to go to class this morning, but mostly we've been here all day. Kids are still in jammies. My house is a wreck from the kids playing all day. And I am clawing, internally screaming, LET ME OUT!!!!!!! It's a horrible cycle. But it's my cycle and until I figure it out, I have to just do what I can to manage. Hubby will be home soon. (Read 7PM) so I stepped out of my comfort and texted him to ask if he would mind if I got out for a bit when he gets home. To my blissful suprise he said sure no problem! To which I replied "YOU. ARE. THE. BEST!" I meant it. He is being supportive of my need to get away and take a break and that is invaluable to me (I would imagine to any mom who stays home!!)
Thank you hubby. I mean it. You have saved me from myself today!

(I shall probably get off of here and clean up a bit, or he will wonder what I was doing all day! LOL!!)

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