Saturday, November 13, 2010

Life flash!

I was driving on the expressway today, alone; just me and my radio. I have been driving for 15 years. I know the signs of the roads, I follow the rules, not a daring driver. So when I approached a ramp at almost 70 in a 65 I started to slow down as I got on the ramp. I noted a sign that said 25 mph and then I saw a white cross on the side of the road. After that my car started to fishtail and I realized I was NOT going 25 (didn't even have time to get down to that slow) and I was on a road with two ditches on either side of me. The sign and the cross flashed again as I struggled to gain control of my truck. It all happened in a few seconds but the aftermath was riveting. My adrenaline was going. I was shaking and then I started crying and then the radio seemed so loud I had to turn it off. I suddenly felt very alone and thought about how I would have felt if I had landed in the ditch if it was even something I would have survived. I truly had never felt such a scared feeling in my life. My life flashed and I felt as though my world came to a crashing halt. I eagerly worked to gain control of myself again. I thought of making a call to tell someone. That's my human nature at work. If something happens to me I immediately feel the need to share the news. I didn't this time. I was so scared and I was still crying. I took those moments to be with God. God was with me the whole time. I am certain God granted me a miracle today. A miracle that allowed me to gain control of my truck as it fish tailed out of my control. I was inches from the ditches and I really was taken aback at how differently it *could* have been.
I saw a semi in a ditch on a ramp when I was driving home tonight. Not sure of the outcome of that driver but it was pretty beaten up. It yet again occured to me how differently my ramp experience *could* have been.

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  1. Oh, how scary! I'm so glad you are ok and nothing serious happened. Amazing how everything can change in a blink of an eye.


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