Monday, July 13, 2009

This is the day that the LORD has made!

I will rejoice and be glad in it!! :)

Today July 13th 2009 is the day I completed my donor testing to see if my kidney will work in Al's body. What a day! I was scheduled to be there at 1 and down for a CT scan at 3:15, well, let's just say I didn't get downstairs to the CT scan until 5PM! Grr!! Then something that was supposed to be quick didn't end until almost 7! I left with a feeling of giddyness, I believe it was finally feeling the fresh air on my face after hours of being couped up in the hospital!! I also believe I had a complete and total relief that my job with the donor testing is complete and now...we wait :)
We should know tomorrow if it's a go or not, I have a feeling deep down that it's a go, but hearing it will confirm it and send me over the moon with joy!! I can't wait for tomorrow to come :)

As for the Love Dare, I took today off, because yesterday's dare is not complete. Al and I argue over plenty of things, but nothing has come up the last two days for me to experiment with "giving in" so I am giving it a little bit of time. If no arguements come up, I will be sure not to complain and I will move on with my dares :)

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  1. I am praying hard for you guys! How awesomely wonderful that you may be a match for your hubby but how awfully scary as well. ((( ))) I am saying prayers for God's hand to guide you guys in all of this. Logey will be activated either the 26th or 28th. By the way, I forgot to ask before but what is your hubby's blood type again?


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