Thursday, April 30, 2009

My craigslist ad for a Volunteer

I am writing you today, as a wife and mother of two young children. My husband, just turned 30 and he started his birthday as he does every other day, on his dialysis machine. This man is full of passion for life and providing for his family, yet he is ever so patiently waiting for a willing and commited donor to grant him his full potential! My husband has been on daily dialysis (12-14 hours PER DAY) for 2 years, 7 months. I am watching him struggle to keep it together and inside I am aching! We have faith that there is someone out there that can help us, and we just pray that person happens to come across this post and decides to reach out. Can you be that person?


  1. Hi mama, I saw your post on Mckmama's website. While I can't offer you a kidney, I only have one myself. I can offer you hugs and encouragement. My youngest son is also on dialysis, peritoneal. He is 14 months old and because he is so young looking at transplant in the near future. We are looking for a live donor transplant as I would like to save the deceased donor kidneys for adults who likely can't find them. What blood type is your husband? If I run across someone who would like to donate, maybe I can refer them to you. I will be praying for your husband. Take care, Jessica

  2. Hi, I also found your request on MckMama's website.. Your prayer request tugged at my heart to let you know that I'm pray for you and your family.. I know nothing about my kidneys and live in Canada.. But my prayers are there for you all.


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