Tuesday, April 9, 2013


As you know, I've been wanting to sell our house for atleast 5 years, I've spent most of that time preparing it for sale, so now, that the time is here, there isn't all that much to do. (THANK THE GOOD LORD!!) I had decided that we would not be bringing our dining room set when we move, so when that SOLD my husband suggested we should probably put *something* in the room, so it's not completely empty. As much as I was enjoying the empty room, I knew he was right. So I set out to find something to put in the room, I was looking for accent furniture of some sort, I struggled a bit because I didn't want to buy anything that would match this house, because I am not sure how we will be decorating the next house and I didn't want to buy furniture that we wouldn't use for more than a few months. I have a favorite consignment boutique that sells housewares, so I thought it would be a good idea to look in there. Lo and behold, I found something! A little table with two chairs set. It doesn't match the house, yet it doesn't NOT match either and I've made it work I believe! :)

Now that our dining room isn't bare, I decided to move into the family room. That room was mostly decorated, but it needed a little toy clean up (we stashed toys behind the couch and that had to go!) The toys are cleared and I moved the couch away from the wall. There is a new wall hanging behind the couch and now I thought it would be nice to put a floor lamp between the wall and the couch. Ambiance right?

What's great is that the items I have purchased to "stage" the house, can easily be used in the future, because it's all neutral enough! And, better yet, it didn't break the bank! The Table and Chairs set was only $164. The shop marked it down while I was there!! (SCORE!) and the lamp was only $80 from Homegoods, where most other floor lamps I saw there were $200! (SCORE!!)

Stay tuned for the day we put the sign up in the yard!! I can't wait!!

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