Sunday, January 8, 2012


I am giving a lot of thought lately to why I want to become a nurse, mostly because it gets me excited about the prospect of applying to the program next year. I hear people talk about how much nurses make and that is not something I really considered when I decided I want to be a nurse. I am a stay at home mom at heart. My husband does a great job of providing for his family, so technically the money I make is going to be a welcome "extra" in our life. A savings account, a little extra cash in my pocket. It's going to be nice I think! I have been on a budget for a year now as you know, and that budget mindset has got me thinking of the future and those paychecks I will be earning as a nurse. I am excited to open my own checking account and offer some extra money in places such as savings first and foremost. Then I have charity in mind, I have a huge heart for animals and when I say I tear up when I see the ASPCA come on a commercial, it's more like waterworks than "tears". I am excited to give a little extra to our church and to prayerfully see much more in our budget envelopes at the end of the year. I write this out right now simply because I want to hold myself accountable for putting my work to "work" so to speak and to be an active part of our finances. All these years I've felt as though I was spending my husband's money and I am thrilled to finally be considering my own money (even though we are married and what's mine is his, and vice versa) it will be nice to have a paycheck with my name on it that I've worked hard for! 

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