Sunday, January 1, 2012

One Word 2012

Last year's experience with commiting to one word was so inspiring, I am ready to share my word for this year. It came to me this morning as I was waking up. God has such impeccable timing! I asked him for a word that will speak to me throughout the year, and this word has already begun making an impact, so let's just call it official and claim it for the year!
My word is:

I need patience to get through the next year before applying to the nursing program. (Every part of me wants to rush into just applying, but my soul says wait one more year so I have all my ducks in a row.)

I need to have patience that God is in control and HE know when we will move out of this home and into a new home. (Anyone that has been reading *knows* every part of my being wants to be in a new home, one that is more condusive to our lifestyle and in a better school district!)

I need patience with my children. (I am sad to admit I feel a lot less patient with them now that they are older and going through hard phases with not listening!)

I need to have patience with my husband, when he works long hours. (Which is more often than not!)

I need to have patience for the simple moments in life. (I have been working on this for a while, stopping what I am doing to have a quality moment with my kids. I am always in such a hurry to move on to the next thing, that I forget to be IN THE MOMENT.)

"Patience is the key to contentment."



  1. My word is now posted too!!!! You have my word from last year!!!!! Beautiful post.

  2. That's a great one! I used that last year. I think that for this year my word is "courage". Happy New Year and may many wonderful Blessings come upon you & yours! I look forward to this year's posts:-)

  3. LOVE this. I know it is the perfect word for me to focus on. I laugh though, every time I prayerfully request gets tested.



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