Thursday, January 19, 2012

Feeling doomed

Al went for more blood work today, his creatinine is holding steady at 2.1
Not at all as low as we would have liked (normal is not to rise above 1.3), but the optimist in me is a tad relieved it didn't go UP any more since his labs on Sunday. I want to believe this is a very slow and very early sort of "rejection" I hate to even use that word, but to be factual about things, I have to realize the facts. The fact is, he is in early rejection of the kidney I gave him 2 years ago. We want it to last a LOT longer and we want for this to just be a little "hiccup" on the road of recovery, but you just never know when your organ is going to be done working for your body and that is a sad fact. I feel defeated, Al surely has a whole host of thoughts going through his mind. I know he knows I am there for him, but personally I think this is where we lack. I can't read his mind and he certainly does not open up to me the way I would if I were him, so I tread lightly. I don't want to say the "obvious" things, I don't want to say too much, yet I want him to know I care deeply about his feelings as he goes through this. My prayer is still that this kidney will continue to work for him. That the signs of rejection are just "signs" and that we are catching it before it gets worse. He can easily still function where he's at, and there ARE options to stop his body from fighting it. His meds have been upped, he is scheduled for a biopsy on Monday, that will tell us exactly how many antibodies his body has created to take down the kidney. Once we have those facts, we move forward with the plan. Al is in for it though, the plan is not an easy one. There are no freebies here, he will most likely have to do some ugly treatments (think chemotherapy type treatments). Eye on the goal, keep moving forward, this is not the end yet, it could be worse, and I keep praying that it doesn't GET worse.


  1. I'm adding you to my prayer list! Praying the meds do the trick and he can hold onto that kidney for as long as possible.

  2. Oh geez, I just clicked over from your profile (thanks for leaving me a comment). Oh my, I am praying that your husbands kidney will be "ok"! What an inspirational story, you as the donor and wife :) Praying for you guys and hoping you have good news soon.


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