Friday, September 2, 2011

Big news!

It happened! It finally happened!
Acilia is 8 years old. She had friends in KINDERGARTEN that started this process and Acilia has been waiting ever so patiently for it to happen. It has happened!! We are in 3rd grade and it FINALLY happened!!!





Awww! My little girl has finally lost her first tooth. It happened the other night. She's had "wigglers" for a while but she is so patient and just was sort of hoping they would fall out on their own. Much persuasion from pretty much everyone she talks to, gentle and not so gentle reminders to WIGGLE THOSE THINGS LOOSE!! Finally the other night at bedtime I noticed one was hanging by a thread. It took some patience on our part to allow her to come to terms with it FINALLY being time, but she was brave and we tugged and pulled and...then she freaked a bit when the blood started to drip. She wanted to see what was going on, so she went into my bedroom to see in the mirror when she yelled, "IT'S OUT!" Came running back in to show me. So much excitement! Of course she made a few phone calls and jumped for joy. Fun times :) Fun memory :)

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