Monday, September 5, 2011

Let's talk Labor

"It's Gravy Baby" blogged about her births in honor of Labor Day. I love all stories related to birth and babies, so I figured I would play along too :)

How long were your labors?
6 hours with Acilia (I checked in at 7 pm, had her at 1:08 am)
Less than 2 hours with Miles (my labor started when Dr. broke my water. It was 3:18 pm I had him at 5:04 pm)

How did you know you were in labor?
It was a guessing game
With Acilia, I started dilating at my first internal check (I was a 4 cms and 80% effaced) when I went back the following week, I was 5 cm's. I was sent home because I was not having contractions. I was a nervous wreck worrying about making it to the hospital in time so I basically camped out at home. 4 days later, my back was aching and I figured it was a good time to go to the hospital. I assumed I would be farther dilated and also assumed they would not send me home if I was so far dilated. Worked like a charm, I went in, said I thought I was in labor and when they checked me, I was 6.5 cms. Needless to say I was admitted to the hospital :)

With Miles, I was hoping my water would break so I could tell without question. No such luck. My appt with him revealed I was 7 cm's dilated. The doctor called the hopsital and informed them I would be on my way. I have concluded my body is incredibly weird! 
Where did you deliver?
In the hospital and good thing. Both deliveries were very smooth but my body does awful things after the baby is out! First time around, I hemorrhaged. It was bad. I almost had to have a hysterectomy if they couldn't get the bleeding under the control. 1 D&C later and a blood transfusion later along with a few weeks of anemia, all was well :)
The second time around, my placenta would not detach, so they had to manually extract it. PAINFUL! and of course, that led to some extra bleeding along with high blood pressure that needed magnesium for 24 hours to bring it down.

With Acilia, I was afraid of the pain. I opted for the epidural as soon as they offered it. The anesthesiologist thought I was a little nutty. I was feeling fine with he came in to give me my meds which is highly unusual. I was talking and giggling :)

With Miles, I decided to try natural. I went into it with an open mind, but my main reason for doing it was because I had catheters. I figured if I could do it drug free, I would get out of having to have a catheter!! Worked perfect, until I had to stay in bed for 24 hours with high blood pressure. Guess what? I had to get a catheter! Irony!

Who delivered?

With Acilia, it was Dr. Hay. She wasn't the best coach as far as I was concerned, but after I hemorrhaged and she did everything she could to save my uterus, I appreciated her a lot more!

With Miles, it was my regular ob/gyne Dr. Hussey. I was so grateful that he was there when I delivered because we had talked about my plans to go natural and he had said he was comfortable "catching the baby" however I was positioned. That was my fear, I didn't want to be confined to "stirrups" if I was trying to work with gravity to get him out. Dr. held true to his word! He came in while Miles was crowning and literally caught him like a football! HA! He still talks about my delivery and it's been 3 years!

How about you? What are your numbers?
[Did you adopt? (how long did you wait?) Not a mom yet (how long were your mom's numbers)?]
I have two children. We told Acilia on her 4th birthday that she would be a big sister. It was really special because she had been asking for a baby brother or sister and it was joyful that it happened when it did! I would love one more baby someday. Time will tell :)


  1. Wow! You had quick deliveries. The after part is scary though!

  2. I hate catheters too! So so so much!

    But seriously - you birth quickly lady!


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