Friday, October 29, 2010

The one....

The one it WON'T be.
So, after my little "disgruntled" post about Christmas cards, I decided to just dive in and get the picture taking out of the way. The kids totally didn't cooperate, but surprisingly I got GREAT pictures anyway!! I took the pics and went onto Vistaprint, and made not one, but TWO cards. It's a sickness I have :) I need to compare and contrast the finished product and then pick the best of the two. Unless of course you love them BOTH and then you have to ask your husband which HE would choose, and then, wouldn't you know you suddenly like the one he DIDN'T choose better than the one he did. Yup. I add way more stress to my life don't I ? Well, I decided to go with the one he chose, since I asked his opinion and it's my pet peeve when someone asks an opinion and then does the exact opposite. What choice did I have?

Here is the card I *DIDN'T* use and please note, those that DO get Christmas cards from me, pay no attention to the pictures, since then they will look familiar when you get your card ;)


  1. Did you delete my comment I wrote or didn't it save?

  2. I never delete comments!! What did you say???


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