Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Christmas Card

I take great pride in outdoing my creativity each year for Christmas cards. I always create a "scene" for a picture, place my children in the scene and then add it to a card on Vistaprint and from there, I sign, seal and deliver them. (Orsomethinglikethat)
Previous years, I have enjoyed the outcome. I lied, I have ADORED the outcome. I can explain all day how they looked, but, I will just show you...

Christmas 2006, Acilia and our two dogs Remo and Franko (excuse the glare please!)

Christmas 2007, my 7 months preggo belly and our daughter kissing her brother
Christmas 2008 Miles and Acilia reading the Christmas books that *I* got each year for Christmas as a child.

so, here's my dilemma, how do I compete with those?!? I am considering seeking ideas from the good old Internet, and it kills me! I should have enough creativity to continue with my joy of Christmas cards, but I'm afraid I've already done it all and there is no room to grow. New camera this year, new editing software, the possibilities are endless, but I am limiting myself to my mind blank. Oh the pressure!! (Stay tuned, I promise once the cards go out, I will post it here!!)


  1. I have always loved your Christmas cards! My only advice is to STOP thinking about it for awhile! My best ideas usually come when I stop racking my brian for ideas. :) You still have some time and lots of Christmas stuff will be going up all around (in stores,etc.) soon, so I'm sure inspiration will strike. Good luck! Can't wait to see what you come up with! - Amy

  2. Oh, girl, the possibilities are endless! Your thinking too hard, lol. The one year I did a photo of Rylee and Maddie eating Christmas cookies and the wording was something like, " 'These were for Santa?!' Hope you've been good this year." It wasn't my best work but everyone loved it, lol!!

  3. Thanks girls!
    I tried a few pics last night...the kids weren't the most cooperative...we'll see :) We'll see!


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