Saturday, December 19, 2009

RIP Shannon Sperando-Sales

In honor of my friend Shannon Rose Sperando-Sales who passed away December 12 of this year, I write about CANCER. The word is scary, the word breaks your heart, the word takes your loved ones from your life. Cancer, Cancer, Cancer, I hate it! Yes, hate is a strong word, but how can something so awful bring any any any good? It can't. Except for those that can fight it. Except for those who are in remission and are getting a second chance at life. Except the fact that when someone becomes ill and is in the final phase of life, we the loved ones, get the blessing of being able to foresee the impending death as an opportunity to soak up the patient as if you were a sponge. Spend your time with them, love on them, read to them, pray for them, tell them the things you never did before. It doesn't make missing them any easier, the feeling of empty in your heart is a tough one to carry, but with the empty feeling in your heart, you have the memory of your final times together to cherish.

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