Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One Month

One month can mark timing for many many things, I am sure over the years, it has marked time for me a few times, but this time, it's BIG!
One month from today, I will be going to the city, to have surgery. Not just any surgery, but the surgery that will (God willing) change my husband's life for the better!
One month from today, I am giving a kidney to my husband. It feels surreal as well as great to say that!
I can't wait! I feel that this transplant is going to be a huge turning point in our lives and I look forward to what it leads us to!


  1. Karrie! One month! How exciting! How are you feeling about it? How is your husband feeling about it? Is there anything I can do? I know I'm really far away but please let me know if you can think of anything. I wish I lived closer. And stop you guys' crazy no pain meds bet. Take the happy drugs while you can! I'm usually a no pain reliever kind of person myself but for this one-- you need them. Logey quite enjoyed his every 6 hour dose of morphine. And speaking of, it's his 2 month kidney birthday! I pray that you guys' have as great of an experience that we did. There are definitely rough times through it but the bad parts are over quickly.

  2. :) I am not above taking meds, but it's fun to atleast try to hold off :)
    Knowing you and Logey has been a blessing, I am so glad I get to share experiences with you, even if we are far away! Happy 2 months!! Blessed be!

  3. Oh, forgot to ad answers to your questions :) Al is still a bit cynical, he seems to feel like something will happen and we won't be able to do it. I don't blame him, he has had it happen before. I am feeling good. I am blocking my emotion about it, because it would turn me into a ball of nerves if I didn't :) Count down is on and soon it will all be behind us!

  4. Ok..wow! I knew your husband was on dialysis, but I did not know this was the plan!
    What an amazing gift you are giving your husband, Karrie!
    I am so inspired by you and amazed at what you two are about to embark on!
    I pray God's protective, healing Hands over the both of you. I speak out against rejection or any thing the devil might try to do to stop this.
    You are both in my prayers!


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