Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'd like to aquaint you with...

I am Karrie, an active, family oriented woman! I keep myself busy throughout the day, I can't stand sitting still! Infact if our dogs didn't sleep on the couch, it would look brand new, because I can count on one hand how many times I've sat on it!! Speaking of dogs, I LOVE them!! I treat dogs and kids very much the same! They bring me great joy. All animals do actually! Horses, and kittens rank in my top faves too!
I don't cook, but I *can* follow a recipe if we don't have easy preparation types of food in the house.Feeding my children from all the food groups during the day is important to me.
I love Jesus and what he did for me and my brothers and sisters in Christ! I enjoy going to church weekly and I love that I can seek advice from my Pastor anytime!
I enjoy decorating, I also enjoy walking through homes that are for sale! I love seeing floor plans!! I used to draw floor plans in my spare time when I was young! I have a few that I saved, they were quite ummmmm...creative :)

I take pride in my appearance, won't leave the house without putting effort into the way I look, I also work hard to ensure my kids always look "put together" Did I mention I like budget finds?? I shop, a lot (according to my husband) but I come home with great finds. I won't buy anything full price, I go straight to the sale rack. My favorite store is Von Maur :)

I love horseback riding, galloping in fields is the best! I am thrilled that my daughter has a passion for horses! We talk often about our future together with horses for everyone we know, so we can all ride together!

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