Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lotsa happenings!

With my CNA course rounding to an end and surgery quickly impending, life is feeling a bit hectic! Today I had a big presentation in class. It was something that was noted to us the first day and since then, it's been hanging over my head! I *hate* speaking in front of people, not that I am horribly bad at it, it's just that, something that makes you so nervous can't possibly be good on the system!
The presentation is complete, I was reveling in my "freedom" of mind until reality struck and Al called to inform me that we have our pre op appointment on Wednesday. I was reallllly looking forward to next week (Thanksgiving break) to be the "calm before the storm". Acilia is off school all week, and it's the week before surgery, I was hoping to just lay low, counting my blessings and thanks! Well, real life sometimes gets busy and next week sure delivers busy! Monday I have clinicals. That was in the plan all along. What wasn't in the plan was to miss a clinical session last week due to this stinky laryngitis/cold that my body has poor timing in catching! So, Tuesday I make up my session. Wednesday we go downtown all day for tests and pre op explanation and then Thursday is Thanksgiving. Holidays are anything but relaxing, we tend to run around since we have lot's of family and that means lot's of faces to see! Atleast I still have Friday, Saturday and Sunday to relax, not sure there will be much relaxing, with surgery the following week, and my final to study for :/
Atleast I can count on resting after surgery...hang in there two more weeks Karrie!

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