Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Doula Workshop

I signed up for a doula workshop. I am super excited about this, because I adore women who are pregnant and I adore babies and I feel that becoming a doula, will help me to support these women that are going through a truly indescribable time! Not to mention, it's a perfect journey to my ultimate goal of becoming a lactation consultant!  

This workshop is highly sought out, so much so that people come in from out of town to attend. Here's the cool part, it's literally about 3 blocks from my house! The place used to be a real estate office and about a year or two ago, a new business opened up, all natural supplies for baby and a doula service! I knew the second I saw the "coming soon" sign that I was meant to get involved in this place and when I checked the website it turns out she runs a workshop twice year! It's going to be a LONG weekend! I am not used to putting in long hours outside of the home without my kids, but I am praying this will be enlightening in many ways and I will walk away with a lot of knowledge!! I anticipate it being a wonderful experience, so I am going with it!!

And the cool part is, the doula informed me she is eager to get my involved because "we need more good doulas in the area!" She already said she's got a class in mind of first time moms that are all due around May, which means, I could be putting my certification hours in within just a few months! This has been a long time coming! I started school when Miles was born, I became a CNA and have been working with a woman that is post stroke. Though I love working with her and I love having the time to be home with my kids, I am ready to get involved with moms!! This is my calling!

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