Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Living in a divided house

Today was an amusing day. Al was home this afternoon when our doorbell rang. I enjoy when he's home because he gets to answer the door. It doesn't happen often, that our doorbell rings, but, anyway! It happened today, I wrangled the dogs who were barking furiously at the person standing outside. Al stepped outside to talk. A few minutes passed and he came in and nonchalantly mentioned that he had a conversation with someone local that is running for County Board. He stated a few things about him to Al and then stated he was leaning Independent. Long story short, Al told him he was welcome to put a sign in our front yard. EXCUSEME?!!!?!?! A sign that shows support for a candidate we do not know? Serious? Political signs in your front yard, they are a statement. I see signs in other people's yard and I am sorry to admit, but I do prejudge the type of person they are based on who is getting their support. I tend to "root" for the ones that are voting for the same candidates that I plan to vote for, and I tend to scoff at the ones that are not the same. It's childish of me perhaps, but it's a private moment I have with myself, it doesn't hurt anyone, and I feel like they are fair game considering they are wearing their political affiliations on their "sleeve" so to speak. These signs stir up emotions in people. I take them seriously and I don't want just anyone putting a sign in my front yard. I went online to see if this person really was as "Independent" as he made it sound. What I found was he most certainly was NOT independent, but very much a part of and endorsed by a specific party. My husband and I vote for opposite Presidential candidates. Well, we did in the last election anyway, and it seems it will be that way for this election too. All the more reason not to put a sign in our yard.

And, it seems he got to our whole block!! My neighbors were also "fooled" by the Independent comment, I was sure to text her and ask her if she is changing parties, we got a good giggle out of the fact that both of our husband's were "schooled" by this candidate. Reason number 1,001 why you don't take what someone who is running for office SAYS as much as you need to do your own research about them.

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