Monday, September 3, 2012

A great transition

This weekend has been a great one. It was unexpected because we had a clear calendar, but we filled our time and looking back I am utterly satisfied with the beautiful transition of activities that is taking place!

Acilia had off school on Friday, it's part of what the principal likes to call "easing them in to school" the first week was started on a Wednesday, we had half days both Wednesday and Thursday, then Friday was a full day. The following week was 4 full days, then we had an extended "Labor Day Break" now next week will be 4 full days and the week after is the real 5 full day shabang! I like that they do that! However, since I too am taking classes, my college is not so graceful about school, I had to drag myself to class, when I would have rather stayed home with my kiddos! They had fun spending the day at grandma's though! Have I ever stated how wonderful it is to have a mom that run's a home daycare?? (Definitely worth a post of it's own!)

So, Friday, I attended class and then worked for a few hours. My one and only day of the week where I put time on the clock. It's for a woman who suffered a stroke nearly three years ago, who needs assistance for exercise and some daily living tasks. She is a true delight and I love spending a few hours with her each week!

Friday night came and if I haven't mentioned before, I will say now, we live across from a high school. This is a great time of year for high school because of the Friday night football games!! I have made a tradition of taking the kids to the homecoming game every year, but this year, I figured, it may be our last football season where we can walk to a game and get in free! (We have something called a good neighbor pass that gets us in to all the high school games free of charge, I guess it's sort of in exchange for "putting up" with all of the crowd and game noise? Something I truly don't mind, infact I ENJOY IT!!) The kids and I walked over, we have family members who have son's that play football so we ran into them at the game. I have a cousin too who's daughter is very social and she meets her friends at the game to "hang out". So my cousin sat with us too for a while. We usually get there the beginning of the game, get the pop corn and candy treats and then stay through halftime and make our way home. It was a fun night and as always I thoroughly enjoyed the halftime show. I reminisce my cheerleading days and my heart fills with joy when Acilia shows interest in the available activities. (Sometimes she wants to do band, sometimes poms, sometimes cheerleading, sometimes color guard)

Saturday was sort of a bust, it was a rainy day and Acilia is supposed to volunteer at her barn on Saturday's, we showed up, but she wasn't needed because no one was there! She was bummed to say the least! Saturday night, I to sneak away for a few hours, for some much needed girl time with my dear friend Liza! She shopped for a while, I was on a mission to find shoes for my cousin's wedding and then we visited a little cafe for some food and outdoor seating. 

Sunday, Acilia and I attended church in the morning. We brought lunch home to the boys and then we went back to the high school for another football game. This is not a usual weekend football game wise, but my cousin's daughter (different cousin that's listed above, I have a HUGE family!) was cheering for her team that was playing against our home team. They came back to our house for a little while to visit, such a nice treat!! I was also thrilled and honored to be asked to be their new baby boy's God Mother. It was completely unexpected, so much so that I teared up. A true honor, my heart is warm and fuzzy even as I type this :)
My parents brought dinner to my grandma's house last night, so I called my mom to see if we could join them. My kids LOVE being at my grandma's house, she is the sweetest and I just thought it would be a nice time, it was a great time! Al met us there, and my brother came too (His family is out of town this weekend, so he's had a quiet house, which is quite a change from having 4 kids there). My grandma only expected my parents, so imagine her delight when we all showed up. She was so thankful and it was a really nice time. Then the 4th of July fireworks that were cancelled, were going on and we worked our way to the top of a parking garage by the hospital. We figured that was the least likely place for mosquitoes to bother us, since the fireworks took place "at dusk". We made it through most of the show when Miles started to get antsy. He was so excited to go and it just makes me laugh that he can't tolerate sitting still for a 15 minute show :) My little active boy!! HA! I brought him to the car and was just starting a movie for him when the hospital security came and told us we shouldn't be using the space to watch the fireworks show. He was a big bummer, considering we weren't causing any trouble. So, fireworks were a little hindered, but I still enjoyed them probably more so than I would have on the 4th of July, considering the spontaneity of the night. 

Today, Monday, Labor Day, the day that's supposed to be BBQ day, we don't plan to BBQ, but I am on deck to take the kids to the pool for one last HURRAH!

Football games, mixed with fireworks and swimming, I would say that's the perfect transition for what is dubbed "The last weekend of summer"!

God bless America!

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