Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Utterly mortified!

Ouch! I am embarrassed to admit what just unfolded before my very eyes, but in order to own up to it, and perhaps enlighten someone else, I will share what just happened.

The way our house is, the front NEVER gets used. We enter and exit through the back door, and the front is merely there for drive by appeal. There is one person that faithfully visits the front of my house every day except Sunday. That is the mail carrier. We live in a neighborhood that has walking mail people. Just to paint the picture for you.

Our front steps are in bad shape. We weren't going to fix them because our house was up for sale, but guess what, the sale fell through and they have further declined. In fact, word to the wise, don't use them if you are visiting, I question their safety. We are getting this fixed this spring, it's on the top of the priority list. Just waiting for the carpenter to have free time in his schedule to come do the job! To add salt to the wound, I was HORRIBLE about keeping them clear of the snow this winter, and when we received a notice that we must keep them clear or our mail won't be delivered, I took that as my personal challenge to keep them clear. Since then, each time the white stuff has descended upon us, I have made my way outside to sweep my steps and put salt on them to boot!

Now, I must confess, I don't get my mail everyday. Call it pure laziness if you will. In my defense, there is just nothing fun about the junk mail and bills that we receive, so when I notice our box getting full, I get out there and bring it in to weed through and recycle 99% of it because it's all garbage.

Today, today, today. The day that has prompted me to write and share my embarrassment. My dogs barked, and I noticed the mail carrier at the steps, I happened to glance at her and see sheer disgust on her face. Oh no! She left my mail, it didn't fit in the box, so she just put it on the floor underneath the box. I was about to go get it all in, infact, I had unlocked the door and even opened it. Then I was overcome with the fact that she makes her way back up the block when she's done delivering and I was mortified so I figured I would wait 5-10 minutes to let her leave the area. I thought I was so clever. Until a minute or two later, she was back on my porch. And about 30 seconds after that, my mail was gone! Every last piece of junk mail, my box was empty. She TOOK IT ALL! Disbelief took over me! I couldn't believe what just happened! I had put her over the edge, on this cold March day and I don't even know her name.

I am almost positive our mail carrier HATES us and I am the world's biggest JERK!

In true Karrie fashion, I am going to make it all better! I am going to write an apology out to her and try to win her over. Just wait until she sees our brand new steps when the job is complete! Maybe I will name them after her! :)


  1. When your carpenter is there fixing the front stairs, have him add a mail slot that allows the mail to drop directly into the house. Problem solved.


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