Sunday, August 25, 2013


It's been a quiet summer revelation wise. I was thinking recently about how it's been a while since God has whispered something awakening to me. Perhaps He realizes I am feeling bittersweet about my children having such big changes this year, perhaps I was getting a break from the deep thoughts. That was the case until today anyway. Acilia and I went to a memorial to honor the mother of two women we know. Listening to the personal stories of this woman and just being in a room filled with people who loved her, it got me thinking about traditions. There was someone that got up to represent the friends in Florida, which was where the deceased had resided for many years with her husband. She had gifted new neighbors with cookies and built relationships the old fashioned way, with time and consideration. I started pondering what things will look like when my generation (20-30 year olds) is at the age of death. I can't even count how many times "life was busy" has been used as an excuse for not keeping in touch with someone! Life seems to have gotten a lot busier. I wonder how that will affect traditions. As a country it is becoming apparent that changes are being made. God is getting put under the radar in many ways where He was boldly apparent in the past. Even funerals have a Biblical map that's followed. I then began pondering how Atheists handle funerals, without the promise of Heaven as their comfort.

My eyes were opened. Something woke up inside of me that gave me a strong desire to cherish my relationships old and new, and to hold fast to traditions and to God, and to pray for this country as I do believe that things have gone downhill in many ways, however God can and will stay in control and for that I am thankful to love such a powerful and almighty God!

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