Monday, June 17, 2013

My baby is gone!

My daughter left for horse camp yesterday. She left a 9 year old and will come home a 10 year old. Horse camp was a "last minute" thing and it's the worst timing I could ever have dreamed, but it was "right" and we rolled with it. At the end of the school year, a flyer came home for walcamp. I half heartily looked at it, and then I spotted a "HORSE CAMP" option. I mentioned it to Acilia and lo and behold, she said she would LOVE to go. Acilia is a child who needs her momma. She has been this way since she was a teeny tiny baby. Momma's girl through and through. She has stated many times she has separation anxiety. So imagine my surprise when she so enthusiastically stated she was game for a week away from home! I was hoping to find a friend that would go with her, since this is her first time away from home, I wanted her to go to the week at the end of July. We had no luck in finding anyone to go with her, and then a we found out a friend of her's from school, one of her best friends actually, was signed up with her older sister. That was my cue. I had to let my baby go! As I said the timing is not great, we had about a week to prepare for this and she left on FATHER'S day. That irked me a bit! What also irked me was the fact that her birthday is this week and she was scheduled to come home the day AFTER her birthday. My baby has never been away from us on her birthday! She didn't seem to mind at all, so again, we went with it. I was in utter shock, but I wasn't about to let her know that. A part of me expected her to change her mind at some point. And then there we were, a day before she left, packing her bags. I was in denial and I was feeling anxious, but she maintained excited anticipation, so I went with it!

Yesterday, Horse Camp day came, we drove about an hour away and then checked her in and then...then...then...we left. That's right, we left her there. As planned, but I did NOT really expect it would be that way! I expected her to get there and decide not to stay and come home with us! But she didn't! Infact, she gave me a huge smile and a sweet hug good bye!

She is doing it! She is away from home and this is her second night there, and I haven't heard from her, which I take as a good sign! I still can't believe it, but I've been praying for her A LOT, so I know all is well! We've heard so many times that people have the best memories of summer camp and I am thrilled that my daughter is experiencing something so special! Even though I wasn't ready for it. Oh and the best part, we decided it would be OK for me to pick her up around dinner time on her birthday. It's the last day of horse camp and all she's missing is the last morning where check out is at 11 am. So she is excited and I can't wait to go pick her up and give her a big birthday hug!! In the meantime, we are giving Miles some extra attention and he will get to sleep over at Grandma and Grandpa's one night! 

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  1. Oh my gosh, she is going to have SO much fun! Some of my very best memories are from summer sleep away camp!


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