Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vegas bound!

Yes, Al and I are celebrating 5 years of marriage next Thursday.
Yes, We will be traveling to celebrate.
Yes, we had a Bahamas trip planned the year we got married to celebrate our union.
Yes, the trip to the Bahamas was cancelled, therefore we had no honeymoon.
Yes, at that time, I was 100% relieved, because I was NOT a traveler at the time, due to panic attacks hindering my life for 20 some years.
Yes, the time has come to pack up and travel far away from home, with just myself and my husband.
Yes, I am beyond excited.
Yes, I am in denial that the time has finally come (considering I booked this trip ages ago, but as life so often does, it came with the blink of an eye!)
Yes, I am scared, nervous, jittery, not quite sure how to word my internal feelings but I do get a major case of the butterflies when I even *think* of actually going.
The days are flying, and in just 8 days WE will be flying to our destination in Vegas.
I could get nervous, the old Karrie would, but the new Karrie is trusting that God will be by my side. Afterall, that's most likely why you have two sides to your body, one side for your life companion, and the other side for our Father in Heaven!

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